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Ara Toi

Voice, clarinet, canarian timple, frame drum, shruti box, arranger.

He studied traditional folk singing with Lucilla Galeazzi and the tradition of oral chants in Italy with Giovanna Marini. He played and sung with the folk band Malmedì, withLabMed led by Raffaele Mallozzi, with Stradabanda of Paolo Montin, with Brazilian choro collective Conjunto-Villa Pamphili etc. as well as performing in clubs and at various social events in the Italian capital, including at the Festival of culture held in Roma’s borough ‘la Garbatella’ and in Rebibbia prison. Besides, he has come to appreciate the world of extemporaneous and improvisational music by joining the collective NED, with which he has played at several events and performances. He has also recorded some improvised albums with the Orchestra NOE. He currently continues his musical journey through performing improvised music as part of the collective Ognisty Szamanski Dzem, and by exploring the world of ethno-folk music through the creation of dedicated music projects, such as La memoria del pesce rosso, Addhrai and Sabir duo. 

Ara is also a music critic and radio speaker. He holds a degree in musicology and worked for several radio network such as Rai Radio3. He came up with and led two radio programs, respectively Spazi Sonori (Audio Spaces) produced for Radio Sapienza and La Cicogna Nera (The black Stork) produced for Radio Onda Rossa, which were both dedicated to promoting a wider understanding and new releases of world music.


MaciekMaciej Wnekowicz, guitarist, arranger, composer of illustrated music for theater and film performances, composer of poetical song, guitar teacher in Śródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury | Miejsce pełne sztuki i kultury and Yamaha Music School in Cracow. Co-producer with Barbara Serwatka of Pars Pro Toto Theater in Cracow. Composer and arranger for t live performances of the Pars Pro Toto Theater: “Stuntmen,” “Daily bread,” “Varia with Twenty Years in the Background,” “Kaczmarski Politically”  Music Composer for the film “Unleash Luisa” directed by Joanna Bąk. (Film promoting the festival “Byczo u poety” (Cracow 15-18 June 2009).

Co-createor of the creative group “Niemoc”  with Alicja Hawryś, Anna Ryglowska and Michał Wojtusik. As part of his work with “Niemoc”, he composed music for several dozen poems. He created also music and arrangement for the performance of the Open Theater Creation “Somewhere” (performance of the dance theater in the choreography of Beata Owczarek and Artur Dobrzański with renaissance music interwoven with guitar solo) Co-founder Joanna Giemzowska-Pilch violin and guitar duet “Pozytywka” performing from 2009 to 2015.

Affascinated by Renaissance music, Jan Sebastian Bach, and by classical guitar composers (M. Carcassi, F. Sor, M. Giuliani), romantic (F. Terreg), contemporary (M. Ponce, H. Villa-Lobos, A. York, F. Moreno-Torroba).

fot by Kuba Ma ota (2)Arkadiusz Szalata – frame drum, baraban, cello, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, Jew’s harp. Member of bands like Tadirindum (traditional music from Rzeszow region from fiddler Stanislaw Pirog and Sowa family band), Chachary (backyard music from cities of Galicja region), Kapela Zootechników (traditional music from harmonist Jan Adamczyk) or Kapela na Krzywych Dzwiekach (traditional music from Radom region from fiddler Jan Kmita and singer Maria Siwiec). He was also playing with Janusz Prusinowski, Witek Broda, Marcin Lorenc, Bartosz Niedzwiecki, Maniucha Bikont, Kapela Niwinskich, Kapela Diabubu and Kapela KBB. He is conducting workshops of harmonica (i.a. Tabor Kielecki w Sedku, Festival Wszystkie Mazurki Swiata, Festival Zawirowania Radomskie) and traditional polish dances (Etnokrakow-Rozstaje, YMCA Krakow, Festival Folkowisko). He was learning harmonica playing techniques from Bronislaw Rawski, Maniucha Bikont, Stanislaw Skiba and Jan Goral. His dance teachers was Piotr Zgorzelski, Grzegorz Ajdacki, Mateusz Dobrowolny, Jacek Halas and dancers from willages in Radom, Lublin and Kielce regions. He is constantly touring in Poland and abroad (i.a. Festival Internazionale dell’Oralita Popolare, Torino; Folkkaravan w San Sebastiano dei Marsi, Bisegna; PolskaEire Folk Festival, Dublin-Ennis-Arklow).

Wirginia Cristin

wiItalian- Polish singer. Fascinated by traditional southern European music and African rhythms. Interested in anthropological history of traditional music of Apulia and some African countries.

She’s studying vocal under the supervision of Miranda Exner, opera singer.

In the years 2002-2003 she sang in the Annuntiatae Cantores Choir under the direction of Maestro Francesco Belli.

In the years 2015-2017 she performed in a multicultural choir under the supervision of Wassim Ibrahim.

In 2017 she took part in the Tarantarte Art and Didactic Workshop under the direction of Maristelli Martelli.

She performed in Maristeli Martelli ‘s choreography entitled “A Riva” at the Sradicamento Festival and at the Palazzo Baranale in Tiggiano.

She deepned African dances with Catina Genero, the pioneer of African dance in Italy as well as in Europe. Fascinated by Primitive Expression.

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Chiara Scarfato
 Viktor Cordoba